Who Are We?

Our Founder Mr. Founded by Mesut Ongun with inspiration from the inspiring nature, coasts, steppes, forests and fields of Turkey, our brand continues to increase its love for nature with this inspiration every day.

As the pioneers of herbal cosmetics, we reveal the power of plants for everyone with a respectful approach to nature and biological diversity.

for more than 10 years, we have been presenting all our products to you both as a manufacturer, idea pioneer and using our global network.

Our goal is to make the best of nature accessible to everyone and to present the process of plants from nature to your skin in the best way to you…

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We believe that everyone deserves a healthy life and financial freedom. 
For this reason, we are making an extraordinary effort to spread our business and products to the World with all our existing strength.

Sundays Dec. is a global company that maintains its competitive role in the global market with its departments designed to serve every country by a long way ahead.

Our History

As Vip International, the foundations of which were laid in 2015, we have achieved the achievements we have been aiming for in many countries with the slogan of “happy customer” since yesterday to this day.

Vip International is a visionary direct sales company that sees all its members from the family and is managed with rules that will carry the institution into the future.

Our Vision

Vip International is designed to create a way of understanding that cares about the spiritual, material and physical health of a person.

In order to create this understanding, it aims to ensure that business partners become professional, equipped and developed entrepreneurs.

It offers many opportunities and options to make the lives of every business partner advancing in this goal easier.

We will continue to add value to the World with our services and products while supporting our business partners in their self-discovery processes.