Our Company Principles

Our ethical principles are our most fundamental values ​​that form and reflect the company culture.

It aims to protect our employees and guide them as a part of our company.

It is the responsibility of our employees to comply with the principles of ethical behavior. In this context, it is aimed to spread our ethical values ​​so that they become the culture of all our employees and to raise awareness.


To provide equal opportunities to employees.

Always being friendly, transparent and honest.

Not allowing improper use of the company's resources.

To protect corporate information against any damage or misuse.

To provide healthy working conditions for employees, customers and business partners.

To eliminate all conditions that pose a threat to environmental health and occupational safety.

To follow the developments in technology and to invest in technology for better service.

To identify customers' expectations and improve services to exceed these expectations.

To act with social and community responsibility and to contribute to the development of the region in which we operate.

To ensure continuity in quality, to improve management quality and to implement the necessary management systems.

Being aware of the expectations of all stakeholders, including customers, suppliers and society, upholding the basic values ​​of business ethics in all our activities and being aware of acting in accordance with ethical rules.

Never allow unauthorized access to company records and information, damaging their confidentiality, theft, unauthorized misuse of a customer or employee record, or engaging in attitudes and behaviors that would harm the work environment.

Our Unique Product Categories

Food Supplement

Nutrition is one of the indispensable conditions of a healthy life.

Coffee & Teas

Every society has assigned meanings to coffee according to itself; it has roasted, brewed and presented it according to itself.

Colloidal Group

Colloid is one of the words that many people hear in everyday life. Decolletage.

External Nutrition Products

There are many products that are used to provide personal care. There are many types of these products that provide body care, especially skin and hair care.

Transdermal Patch

Transdermal tapes stand out as a treatment method that is becoming increasingly popular today.