Transdermal Patch

Transdermal patches stand out as a treatment method that is becoming increasingly popular today.

These patches, which deliver drugs and active ingredients to the body through the skin, can be effective in the treatment of many different health problems.

It is not possible for everyone to take medications such as vitamins, minerals and painkillers orally. Many people have difficulty taking medicine, they cannot take it because it affects their stomach.

Vip International tapes are very useful in such cases with their practical use, supporting the intake of necessary vitamins and minerals through skin absorption. Medical tapes, or Transdermal technology in general, are used in many areas with their advanced and modern aspects, and spread throughout the body by directly contacting the skin and being included in the blood circulation system.

On this page, we will explore what transdermal patches are, how they work and in what situations they are used.


Transdermal Patch Products