Our Certificates

Our company has certificates that meet international standards on issues such as quality management, occupational health and safety, and environmental management.

These certifications enable us to always do our job to the highest standards and provide the best service to our customers. Regarding quality management, our company is certified in accordance with the required standards.

This means that our products and services ensure customer satisfaction through constant monitoring and improvement of our business processes.


ISO 10002 - 2018 - IAS

Customer satisfaction certificate

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ISO 22716 - 2007 - GMP

Good manufacturing practices certificate

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ISO 22000 - 2018

Food safety management certificate

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ISO 9001 - 2015

Quality Management certificate

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Our Unique Product Categories

Food Supplement

Nutrition is one of the indispensable conditions of a healthy life.

Coffee & Teas

Every society has assigned meanings to coffee according to itself; it has roasted, brewed and presented it according to itself.

Colloidal Group

Colloid is one of the words that many people hear in everyday life. Decolletage.

External Nutrition Products

There are many products that are used to provide personal care. There are many types of these products that provide body care, especially skin and hair care.

Transdermal Patch

Transdermal tapes stand out as a treatment method that is becoming increasingly popular today.